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Painting is fun, no matter which way you spin it. Use an unusual painting tool for kids when you try out rainbow sponge painting! 

I think kids of all ages will think that rainbow sponge painting is super cool!

Girls, boys, toddlers, preschoolers, grade-schoolers, all of them. This is a fun and magical way to make a rainbow!

Rainbow Sponge Painting is Super Cool!

I wish I could claim the idea of painting a rainbow with a sponge, but I saw it last year over at Strong Start.

Rainbow sponge painting is super cool!

While this is a kid-friendly idea, a lot of the prep needs to be done by an adult, or older child. And you’ll need to redo some steps while your child paints, too.

I kind of felt like an artist getting this ready. My palette — a pizza pan — is a rainbow of colors!

Use a palette, like a pizza pan, to organize your colors!

Simply swipe each color, in the order of the rainbow, onto a sponge. Use a paintbrush to add the paint to the sponge

I said the colors as I was adding them to the sponge to teach Henry the order of the colors in a rainbow. I had to reapply the colors onto the sponge multiple times and said the colors to Henry every time.

By the end of the activity, Henry was reciting the rainbow colors in order with me!

Make a rainbow craft to wear with an easy DIY rainbow bracelet!

Once the colors were added, I let Henry have the rainbow painted sponge and paint in any way he’d like.

Rainbow sponge painting is super cool!

He filled his paper with rainbows.

Rainbow sponge painting is super cool!

It was very colorfully painted, but the one thing about using so many colors is that it turns to muddy brown when they’re mixed together.

That’s why we normally stick to two corresponding colors when we paint.

Add a little more rainbow color to your life with tons of easy rainbow activities for your kids!

Rainbow sponge painting is super cool!

By the way. See that bracelet on Henry’s wrist?

He got it from his preschool teacher for reading eight books in January. I find it funny because I forgot to write out our slips for each book we read until the last week of January.

Eight books aren’t many, but Henry is so proud of that bracelet.

What are your favorite rainbow crafts and activities? We’d love to try out some new ideas!

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