3The suspended Ohio State head coach hasn’t explained nearly enough.

So you fired your longest-tenured assistant coach despite believing he’d never been in trouble, other than for a recent trespassing charge?

If you felt the 2009 battery allegation against your former wide receivers coach “wasn’t actually what happened” and didn’t know about a 2015 incident that either did or didn’t produce an arrest (Brett McMurphy reports the police paperwork has changed) and have had no comment yet about Courtney Smith’s many other police complaints against Zach Smith, then why’d you fire him on July 23, a month before kickoff?

Smith spent 11 years on your coaching staffs and was on your roster at Bowling Green. And all it took for you to fire the grandson of your mentor, Earle Bruce, was July’s public revelation of an arrest two months prior for what his lawyer described as him and his ex-wife disagreeing over where he should’ve dropped off their kids? So was there more to that incident, or did you learn something about previous allegations that you didn’t describe when asked at Big Ten Media Days?

When you were asked, what were you thinking about the fact publicly revealed on the previous day that a local court had just prohibited Zach Smith from coming within 500 feet of her?

There, you were asked, “Why fire Zach now if you had kept him on staff after 2009?” and “Just to clarify, did firing Zach now, is that — is it because any of this became public, or is it because there was another incident that led to the latest protective order on Friday?” You declined to answer directly.



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