Learn how to make edible school supplies, sneak food into class, and more fun magic pranks in this special School Pranks episode of How To Magic! Evan Era shows Funny Magic Tricks, Pranks and Hacks for Back to School 2018! Discover new magic pranks for kids, easy edible school supplies recipes, food tricks, and much more! Fun family-friendly DIY tutorials with step by step instructions! Sneak food into class with these fun food pranks and hacks that work like magic! How to make fruit and food magically transform, crayons completely edible, a pencil eraser vanish illusion, and more awesome hacks! All the magic secrets revealed so you can amaze (and prank) your friends at school!

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Supplies You’ll Need:
Crayons • Pencils • Pens • Ribbons • Binder Clip • Tape • Squishy Foam Toy • Paper • Rubber Hammer • Cardboard Box • White Chocolate • Food Coloring • Hot Glue • School Glue • Orange • Apple • Glue Stick • Cheese Stick • Ruler Slap Bracelet

Magic Tricks Revealed in this Video:
1.) Magic Disappearing Pencil Eraser Prank
2.) Amazing Ribbon Switch School Supplies Trick
3.) Magic Vanishing Test Answers Prank
4.) Woodworking Class Appearing Hammer Trick
5.) How to make Edible Crayons School Prank
6.) Funny Spilled Milk Food Prank
7.) Giant Pencil Break Challenge Prank
8.) School Lunch Orange to Apple Trick Revealed
9.) Edible School Supplies Cheese Glue Stick Prank
10.) Magic Roll Up Ruler School Supply Prank


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