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Jura, France is a remote, bucolic region that makes unique wines.
It’s an underrated spot for wine-lovers to visit. 
The Jura is one of a handful of French regions to produce crémant, which is made by the same strict processes as champagne.
Jura’s hallmark, vin jaune, is a deep-yellow wine that may be the most unusual you ever drink.
The heart of the Jura is the pretty little town of Arbois, and the best time to visit is in late summer and early fall before the harvest.

In the past year, the Jura has suddenly entered the mainstream. In Stephanie Danler’s smash hit novel, Sweetbitter, Tess’s emotionally charged education is kick-started with a “blur of satisfaction” by a glass of Jacques Puffeney’s troussau. A bottle of Jura vin jaune that was bottled two years before the signing of the Declaration of Independence sold in a landmark auctionfor the highest price ever recorded.

Jura grapes have even been planted in California and are subsequently cropping up on wine lists everywhere from Plant Food + Wine in Venice Beach to Manhattan’s Gramercy Tavern. So why the sudden fuss? How did this little region get plucked from obscurity and thrust into the spotlight to become the coolest kid on the oenological block?See the rest of the story at Business Insider

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