2children on the shore

Beaches were made for children

Today I love kids at the cottage. I love the noise and the laughter and the joy. I love that we have three children here right now and they range in age from “ready to do it all” to “can’t quite make sense of any of this yet” and I am somewhere in between with the middle one, ready, but confused still. I love that it is Saturday in the summer and the day is perfect and the water is going to be perfect for me and the company has already started arriving and this Canadian long weekend is going to be a wonderful thing. I love that I have work to do but that it is work I enjoy. I love that I can carry all my writing and recording tools with me and they don’t take up much space but so much gets done with them. I love that the three kids have been here for less than 15 minutes and one of them is heading into the water already, and that it is the middle one. I love that he has just accepted the cottage as a fact of life and have moved on … into the bay. I love that I remember being like that when I was younger and that I aspire to being like that again.



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