1Today I love that we got packed and loaded and managed to make it to the market for breakfast and stopped to look at two boats that were for sale and got milk and other things at the grocery store and then made a beeline for the cottage and I have now crashed into a chair on the deck where I intend to work until the work is done and then I think I’ll throw myself into the water too. I love that this place is part of my life now. I love that I still call this place Paradocks.

Today I love Blitz Torte and that I haven’t lost my touch in baking them. I love that I have two very good rhubarb custard pies made as well. I love that I am planning to make Macaroni and cheese in a little bit and that will be all the things I’m actually really famous for, torte, pie, and casserole. I love that I keep trying to get famous for other things but the instant gratification of food fame is always going to be the best.

Today I love drinking coffee at the cottage while I write and the kids swim and scream and play in the water.

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